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Lighting Control Automated Interiors
Lighting Control
With a lighting control system from Automated Interiors Inc., it has never been easier. Control the lights in one room or all the lights in and outside of your home with the touch of a button. Create any effect with lighting for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Integrate your security system with your lighting control system to create flashing lights in times of emergencies. Set lights to go on and off automatically based on time of day, sunrise or sunset or a preset event. Use your smart phone to control your lights from anywhere in the world. Conserve energy by operating your lights at lower intensities. Replace the clutter of light switches with one sleek elegant keypad that combines the functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single control.

Automated Interiors Inc. Uses different types of lighting control technologies to control your lights depending on the application. If you are constructing a new home and want every light in the house controlled, then a hard wired lighting system is the best solution. If you are renovating or want to add lighting controls to an existing home Automated can offer you a few different types of retrofit lighting control products. Whatever the application, Automated can provide you with a solution to meet your specific needs and requirements.

With lighting control solutions by Lutron, Crestron or Vantage, Automated Interiors Inc. can design the lighting control solution that is right for your application.
Custom Design & Engineering Services Automated Interiors
Custom Design & Engineering Services
Our custom services cover the entire gamut of design and installation from start to finish from dedicated home theatre rooms, multi-room, multi-source audio/video distribution systems, hard-wired and retrofit lighting control systems, structured wiring and networking systems, automated window treatments, whole property security and CCTV camera and intercom systems to total home automation systems.

Automated Interiors Inc. works with builders, architects, designers, cabinetmakers and anyone else who is involved in the process to ensure that the system is designed to meet your needs and requirements so that it fits seamlessly into your décor.

Automated Interiors Inc. provides profession design and engineering services to developers, architects, designers and home owners. Our list of services includes:

• Detailed system designs including drawings and specifications
• Meetings with clients and other professionals involved in the project to determine needs and budget
• Preparation of preliminary drawings and budget proposals for client approval
• Preparation of CAD (Computer Aided Design) generated drawings.
• Electrical design and coordination for automated drapery systems, lighting control system and home automation systems.
• Preparation of detailed proposals
• Delivery of CAD drawings to other trades involved in the design phase such as cabinetmakers and electricians
• Installation of Systems and Components
• Customer Education & Training